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I go by Marawuff, but feel free to call me just Mara.

I'm a self-taught digital artist and a daydreamer.

Since I was a child I always lived inside my head, in my own universe. I loved fairytales, fantasy and science-fiction, especially Star Wars... and HALO is my addiction, seriously.

Later I found a growing interest in art - casually I was drawing random doodles and sketches on paper. As I never had any real lessons or experience in traditional media, all I could do was drawing with a graphite pencil. That was until I accidentally discovered digital art.

In 2009 I started my journey with digital art, I was practicing and trying to find a comfortable way and style to draw. Throughout the years I was randomly drawing or taking breaks.

Due personal and health reasons I had to take a break in 2015 for over a year.



Digital art is a way of seeing the world and expressing myself. My creations often echo some of my favorite themes - science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, spirits and nature. When painting digitally, I'm fond of how much freedome it give me, I feel like there are no boundaries at all as it allows me to discover what is possible in no other medium - the paint is never dry, the canvas is never set in one size and the print is never final.


- HALO. HALO. HALO. Halo Universe was and is my biggest fascination and addiction in every possible way.

- I am addicted to collecting figures and geeky stuff, mainly Halo themed.

- I'm a gamer and my favorite platform is XBOX - if you want to play with me, my gamertag is commanderpaimer (visible as CommaderPaImer, a character from Halo universe)

- Make me a good lasagna and you own me.

- I kind of grew up with dogs... Now being alone makes me miss having one..

- My favorite colors are GRAY, RED and BLUE.

- I've been moving a lot in my live, never stayed in a one place longer than 4 years.

- I'm a nervous person, so please excuse me sucking at social skills.

- I'm like the worst possible person in social relationships and even worse in maintaining them... I hate it and I wish I could change it. I tend to crawl into my cave and it's hard to come out again... However, it doesn't mean that I don't care.


GENDER: female

DATE OF BIRTH: August 11th 1991


Languages: Polish | English | German


I'm part of the 405th Infantry Division, a Halo costuming community and I'm known as CommanderPalmer.