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Q: What tools do you use to create your art?

A: I use Wacom Intuos4 M graphic tablet with standard Wacom Grip Pen.

Q: Did you learn painting by yourself or do/did you take lessons?

A: I'm a self-taught artist.


Q: Do you do only digital art or traditional art as well?

A: Digital only. I can print (and laminate) upon request.


Q: How much time do you spend on a single art piece?

A: Depends. It's really hard to tell, depends on individual project I'm working on. As for illustrations and similar projects, they take 10+ hours, whereas smaller project take about half of the time.


Q: How big is your canvas you're working on?

A: For bigger projects (illustrations, refs, character and design art) I work on 3000px+, I try to avoid drawing on bigger canvas than 7500px though, being afraid my computer couldn't handle it.

Q: Could you make an icon from an artwork you have made for me?

A: Yes, of course! Don't worry, it'll be free of charge.


Q: Could you resize or crop an artwork you have made for me so that I could use it as a wallpaper?

A: Yes, but please mind, not all art is fit for a wallpaper.


Q: Can you make a tutorial?

A: No. I don't feel like I'm experienced enough to teach others and I also have no time to make a tutorial. Sorry, but there are so many tutorials on internet that I feel any more tutorial isn't the most needed thing.


Q: I seen you take commissions. Do you do art trades or collabissions and/or take any requests?

A: No. Currently I take only commissions, if they are open. To be honest, I don't have time or money to work for free, the bills won't pay themselves. I have also no time for any art trades at the moment. You can always ask me personally if you're interested.


Q: Do you paint live or record your art via Livestream or somewhere else?

A: Very, very rarely. My computer isn't that powerful to manage photoshop and recording program, especially when I'm painting on huge canvas. I also don't record my art while painting.


Q: Do you upload all your art?

A: I try upload all of my art or at least recent art to public galleries and communites. All my art is stored in the art archive on my website.


Q: I seen your personal art is  mostly about Bey0nd, what is it?

A: Bey0nd is my personal pet-project. I plan it be a graphic novel - sci-fi, fantasy genre. Pretty much a mix of everything.


Q: When will the Bey0nd be online?

A: I have no idea.  Honestly. It will take long to even start with the first pages. I'm in the middle of writing the whole script, which is at ~25% stage, then character bios, the whole galaxy... It will take long time. In the meantime I will release some concept art, illustrations, teasers and promo art.


Q: What does Mara mean and what are your previous account names? Why did you keep changing?

A: Mara is my name, actually - shortened. Previous names are Sierra713/Spartan713, Astaiir, Paladaen, Jaskari and Jskra... I think that's. I don't really know why I kept changing them... Perhaps it was because I wanted a new start? I tried keeping behind masks which were various different account names until I finally accepted and changed to Mara. I hope it makes sense.


Q: I have left a comment on your art in one of your online galleries but you didn't respond... Why?

A: I try to respond as soon as I can. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes bit longer to get back to you. I do my best to keep up. Please, don't take it personally, I don't ignore you - I appreciate your feedback