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Feathers Of Hope is a project I've started on July 11th 2014.

It has been inspired by actress Lana Parrilla who also sees feather as a symbol of hope and spoke “You are where you need to be just take a deep breath and follow your heart because it always knows”.

These feathers are symbol of my support for fighting for LGBT rights and equalism (gender, racial and social equality), anti-bullying and no-hate, people fighting against cancer and people struggling with life... No one deserves to be hurt, in pain or suffer.

All people who feel down, sad, helpless, hopeless, trapped in darkness... These are for you, to help see you light even in darkest place. Noone should suffer - it'll get better. Stay strong, stay positive and don't give up.

I myself found feathers always as a symbol of something divine, spiritual - as feathers come from birds, who are considered as divine creatures, creatures of the sky or sky gods. I often find find feathers wherever I go, some years ago I was even collecting feathers... That was one big collection. I always thought it was some kind of message to not loose hope, try to find light in the darkness.

These feathers take mostly about ~15-30 minutes and often express how I felt drawing them. I apologize for few broken feathers, these were painted when I was quite depressed - they also stand that even even if something is broken, it shouldn't be left behind or thrown away - it can be fixed and can heal, just give it a chance.


You can expect recent updates on this project. Originally, I planned to paint a feather a day for 30 days... I changed my mind, because life happens and one feather per week will be posted.


Expect regular updates on Twitter with some inspirational quotes along.

If you wish to read more about each feather, visit my Tumblr - feathers posted there feature short personal comments and thoughts.


Note: Due some inconvenience - The feathers I paint are for pure support, to help, motivate or inspire people in need. There is no affiliation with Feather-of-Hope Team (Evil Regal Family).



All Feathers (sorted from newest to oldest - click for full resolution)

I was honored to paint illustrations for Episode 5 of the series. All of them started as grayscale illustrations, later colored and some of them have two versions.

Some random sketches related to OUAT.


OUAT.VS-Once UponA Time.Virtual Series