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I'm also a member of the 405th Infantry Division, a Halo costuming community.

I never hide my long-time passion for Halo and the day came where just playing wasn't enough and I finally started to make my own Halo costumes and props.


Also, I try to go to different conventions in Central Europe.

For my first costume I chose GEN2 Scout MJOLNIR armor. I could have gone with something easier, but I thought if I have to invest a lot of my time into that, I rather want to do something I love most.

This being the first costume, it took a lot of time not only for crafting, but for researching and reading.

I used Pepakura files and printed them out - I had to cut and glue together many many pages of cardstock. Then I hardened them with resin and fiberglass and bondo. It took me over a year to complete the costume, but I think it's worth it.

While crafting, I decided I'll also make a Commander Sarah Palmer cosplay, because I like the character (Jennifer Hale is our hero) and also because I do look a little similar. First, I was bit reluctant because to me, doing a costume of an existing character is more pressure than doing a costume of a character you created and I first thought I could do Palmer enough justice...

I have a dream to have a small personal Halo prop armory.

All of my props are 3d printed with the exception of Combat Blade.