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All    donated     proceeds   will go   toward webpage's hosting, supplies, etc.


Displayed prices are base prices and are negotiable according to the complexity, difficulty, size and medium of each individual piece.

You can see some price examples on the pricelist, individual artworks with price underneath are ment to help with rating your request .


Should it happen that I go overtime, the extra time I spend drawing is free of charge.


You're welcome to write me a note on FurAffinity/deviantART or any other community I'm active on or most appreciated, send me an e-mail with your commission request or you can use the Ordering Form.

I will anwser as soon as possible.

Please, be sure to include in your request what exactly you'd like me to draw. I don't mind having text to read, I like to know exactly what commissioner has in mind and fullfill their wishes.


Please, include this information:


- Type of wished Commission

- Character(s) description and references

- Description of wished commission

- Additional information and notes


I'm willing to paint everything. Almost everything.

I will draw any fantasy or sci-fi themed artwork. All kinds of creatures, characters, animals or critters. Even fan art if desired.

I will also draw mature or adult rated art - may it be violence, gore or erotic themes.

There are just few things I wouldn't draw - I'd have to find something insulting, disgusting or impossible to draw.


I charge in USD however if requested I may accept EUR.

I accept PayPal and I'll be covering all PayPal fees.

Bank transfers can be also done from those who live in Europe (IBAN, BIC, SWIFT).

I'd ask you to include your name/nickname/e-mail adress, so I can recognize it was paid by you.


Also, all shown prices are the starting prices. The prices vary on each commission, depending on subject, complexity, level of detail, etc.

If commisioner changes their mind when commission-in-progress wishing it to be more detailed, it is possible however will require additional payment.


Payment is taken upfront, before starting a commission.


The commission will be started as soon as possible after receiving payment.

It is hard to specify exact time of finishing a commission. It depends on each commission, the turnaround time is usually up to 1 month. It shouldn't take longer than 3 months though, if that should happen, commissioner will be notified of that.

If commissioner wishes to add a deadline to their commission, please include it in the commission request. I'm comfortable with deadlines and pressure, however very tight deadline might require additional payment.


While working on commission the commissioner will be provided with several screenshots to assure that the final artwork will meet their expectations.

These updates include a rough concept. Next updates will be in different stages of painting, also more updates upon request.

Limited revisions can be made at any time during process. If an in-progress screenshot is shown to commissioner and they approve it, however later at further phase commissioner changes their mind, further change may require additional payment (depends on subject).

Of course, if revision was necessary in-progress screenshot will be provided to commissioner to make sure they are satisfied.


Work process shown in steps:


Rough concept sketch -> Cleaner colored sketch -> Painting -> Details -> Finished


The commission types which do NOT include any WIP updates for approval and no changes will be made after finishing:

- Conbadges

- Sketches

- Speedpaints

- Icons

- Bookmarks


There are no refunds, unless I'm unable to finish a commission. Should that happen, commissioner receives full refund.

Commissioner may cancel a commission unless it was not started yet - after starting a commission there will be NO refund.

Poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior will result in an instant cancelling of the contract and farewell.


I reserve all rights to everything created by myself (Mara) - commissions, characters, designs, etc.

The client retains all rights to their respective characters only. Rights to the commissioned image remain with the artist (Mara) unless purchased for an additional fee.

I reserve rights to use created art for advertisement and merchandise, with or without your permission. If you have a problem with any of this, please contact me before commissioning.

I reserve rights to publish and display all commissioned art online. However, at request public showcase may be delayed.

I exclusively own the rights of the artwork. I will never lay claim to your characters, they are yours. You are simply paying me to draw them for you.

The Artist may recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by the Commissioner for other commissions or personal works

The client may use the commissioned art in any personal and non-commercial way - wallpapers, prints, icons, etc.

The client may upload the artwork online but it must NOT be in any high-resolution or unwatermarked version of the artwork - credit is reqired.

Client is not allowed to gain any income from their commissioned artwork (physical or virtual) unless rights and license has been purchased.


Rights can be negotiated for an additional payment.


The price you're paying is for digital service - you'll get a digitally painted artwork sent to you via e-Mail or you'll get a custom link to downlaod.

You won't be receiving any physical copy or goods, unless you'll purchase it as well.


You, as the commissioner will receive a high resolution file and a smaller files for sharing online. You may NOT post the hi-res file to your galleries, only the small 900-1500px with watermark, unless you purchase the rights.


During the time your commission is in proggress, I will be posting other art - commissions or personal art. Please, respect I'm working on multiple artworks at the same time and don't worry, I didn't abandon your commission. I have my own schedule and the list 'progress list' isn't sorted from first to last.


By requesting a commission, commissioner automatically agrees and accepts all Terms of Service.